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Not to be inflammatory but not all alternative breed organisations are rouges and bounders, DLRC have a receipt that is drawn up by their lawyers which when a breeder sells a dog they and the buyer have to sign, each retaining a copy.  This receipt states that the dog is as described that the sire and damn are as described in the pedigree and if it is not the case the buyer will have some legal come back, which is more than can be said for a KC registered dog.

I took on a dog who I now know his sire was the result of a sister and brother union as I hold a copy of his sires pedigree printed by the KC, showing quite clearly that my dogs father was inbred, and has his KC number even though he is the result of such close breeding and i know the owner still breeds from this sire.  :-\

I know dogs are line bred but a brother and sister union is never the wisest of moves and I do not agree with it  >:(  My chap is purely a pet.

Although DLRC will register any dog, when a breeder sells a pup they have to give the receipt therefore the buyer is covered, under the sale of goods act 1974 if nothing else.  ;D so NOT all alternatives are bad, but then not all alternatives are good either, like i said each to their own but you shouldnt dismiss out of hand something if you havent researched it methodically and without bias.  ;D

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