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I know dogs are line bred but a brother and sister union is never the wisest of moves and I do not agree with it

You may not agree with it, but it is a very useful mating when used by a knowledgable and experienced breeder and dreadful when used by ignorant breeders.  The difference is WHO is doing the mating and I don’t know of any breeders who I would consider to be reputable, who would use an alternative registry for their puppies. :-\

Having been involved with showing and breeding dogs for 25 years, trained as a Veterinary Nurse and seen the products of ignorant matings, groomed many dogs registered with ‘alternative registrations’ for 16 years, I would still recommend that anyone looking for a pet only buys a puppy registered with The Kennel Club AND that they find a breeder through the relevant Breed Club.  It gives you no guarantees but is a start to finding a responsible and knowledgable breeder.  Every pet owner deserves a healthy, good tempered dog who is a good representative of its breed.  ;D 😉

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