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Waggi can’t you enter on line for Agility shows they are behind the times if you can’t, I think it’s wonderful they pop into my inbox and I just enter online  ;D

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Best place to look for shows  ;D

Its ran by the club Zerlinda is going to – and it tends to be a damm good show – its also an extra long one as they tie it in with Lune all at the same place

Its kind of between both me and Zerlinda in location at Milnthorpe (which prob wont mean much to others)

Its Friday-Sunday, 29 June-1 July 2007 – entries closed begining of May so im not entered (i need someone to tell me your doing this show and heres the entry form)

I have just checked its our own comp that weekend anyway so i cant go – will be runing about like a fruit cake

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