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I agree 1000000000% with Gill !!  A great deal of dog training is getting the owner to buy into the process and start understanding their dog a little better.

I also agree with suebee in that there are those who abuse the unregulated world of dog training !  I think it is worth mentioning that OCN *do* accredit some courses at level 1 and 3 such as those run by Sheila Harper however these are expensive (around £1500) and although they are excellent really what they advocate above all else is experience training your own dog … Also its worth mentioning that groups such as APDT, APBC and numerous other TLA’s (!!) do require that members subscribe to a minimum code of practice – as with anything there are those who use and those who abuse.  There are also private franchises such as the notable “barkbusters” who charge a huge ££££ to buy into their brand (which IMHO is awful – sorry BB fans !!)

The way into dog training which will gain you most respect and peer standing would be to train your own dog (or someone you know – a friend or family member maybe) many of the training concepts (discs, clickers etc..) have decent descriptions for free on the internet.  Also visit dog clubs in your area if you can and find one which has a training style you are comfortable with – a local club here (East Mids) actually run a training course to allow you to take their group courses, they are desperate for decent trainers so that is another possible route progressing from helping a club trainer to running / assisting with classes …

Claire x

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