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what you have done is very brave and i respect you enormously for it

hugs to the boyo  :-*

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Good on you for being brave enough to get involved rather than stick your head in the sand as so many do. :-*

I felt like sticking my head in the sand I can tell you, I was first asked if i wanted to get him tested last year, and I thought about it then forgot about it really, but now maybe if I’d done it then his heart wouldnt be as big as it is now :-\ maybe there wouldnt have been any signs then, we’ll never know.
I cried all the way home in the car, quite hard when your trying drive ::), think it did me good though, got it out of my system, and now I will do whatever it takes, its hard looking at him knowing what i know, but I’m thinking I wont  change his lifestyle, I wont not let him run and play if he wants to, or chase squirrels and cats (sorry catpeople), hopefully his bloods will be ok , then we can get him on the trial asap, she said 14 days from ultrasound. 

Thankyou Rough & Bev for your kind words, really appreciate them :-*
thanks everyone for your good wishes :-*

Heres the boy wearing his monitor £2,0000 worth I might add 😮 and the t shirt ;D

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