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Hi Silver,

I’m glad you think its fun !  It has certainly cheered me up tonight (been feeling unwell the last week or so). 

It is good that different people are worried about different issues.. I responded from what I know purely about biology, and it seems too that there is lots of other information available also. 

I have to sit on the fence here !!  (i know … me?  sitting on the fence !!) *smile* I can see Silver and the gene pool point, but also JD’s about conditions and testing and how important they are.  The best I can offer is that some breeders have/are artificially keeping alive and sometimes breeding from dogs which under “nat. selection” wouldnt have survived (e.g. bad cases of HD/ED’s would probably get eaten or not become mating dogs in a “pack” as they would be less mobile thus naturally “selecting” for the best scores !)  … i use the term pack in “” in recognition of the fact domestic dogs are far removed in many respects from the wolf analogy that seems to be thrust upon them by some popular but not entirely correct authors.

I do sometimes find it hard to think of “naturally occuring” breeds …  e.g.
dog 1) well hello there missy are you a
dog 2) ooh no I’m a
dog 1) aah well in that case i’ll have to trot off somewhere else coz i cant possibly mate with you

Who is to say which is really “right” – I think the whole area of hereditary conditions in humans and animals could provide benefits so it is worth someone being curious atleast 🙂

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