Re: cubert clumber


wow – now watch these closely – not for the ooo ahh cute stuff but for behaviour and communication….

sorry the first one is dark but if you watch carefully you can see that he is responding to ami’s request of wanting to come in – see where the blue pegs are on the bottom of the gate ? he tries to open the gate by grabbing bar in teeth …watch ami tell him to do the pegs – see the head dip ‘itthereitthere’  i finished it 2 seconds too early as i stopped filming he did it and let her in  ;D

mind you….the second vid is what he got for his trouble…. ;D ;D

and the shushing is not at dogs it at Mo who is going on about needing a painkiller for a headache  ::) and then hear her say No falkor  ::) …his be quiet cue is hush  ::)  >:D

[img width=468 height=382][/img]

[img width=468 height=382][/img]

This is Crude Ash Popup From Elementor