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oops – sorry but this sounds like a puppy farm type breeder to me.  a condensed version:-
a pedigree is just a a piece of paper with names on it and can easily be made up – rover out of trix of smith st with fred of brown street etc.   a registered dog is something else – both parents and grandparents and so on and so back are registered with the kennel club – all have id numbers – the litter is registered each pup having the breeders affix plus the individual pups kennel name this is on record data base so if that pup is bred that too can carry on the sequence ie anbrook (breeders affix)
glenmorangie (1 pup from a litter that all had scottish kennel names) the pup is then transfered to the new owner .

i hope your friend did not pay full price and i hope the wee pup is ok and does well but it is highly unlikely that any health checks were done on the dam and sire and they may well be a mating of brother and sister, or mother may have had more litters than allowed by the KC for example  or the breeder may have lost the licence to breed and register. in any event it sounds as if the breeder is doing it for the money – sadly this goes on and while folk keep buying from these types then they will keep breeding poorly bred pups with bad genes.

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