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aw bless – mine love ice cream too.

ok – i know only one breeder of these spaniels and she sells her pups for around £500 – all tests are done on mum and dad – especially the eye tests which are double double checked when choosing mates – all vacs, worming etc done, homes checked and registered ready for transfer.  prospective folk have to visit at least 3 times and she has a very long waiting list/selection of prospective buyers.

so — what does that say – if this a back room pup as it seems then yes she has been ‘ripped’ off but more disturbing is the possible future costs of healthcare and possible temperament problems – it sounds as if the pup is much younger than 11 weeks – where did your friend see the advert or hear about the pup? does she have a telephone number or name and address of the seller?

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