Re: letting off the lead


Just a little update to say that the clicker training is going so well. Molly is really understanding what she has to do to hear that noise and get that treat. She hardly tugs the lead anymore which is so good especially in this weather where its raining as she usually drags us through the mud >:D
She has also got alot better when people stop to stroke her. When she stands she is as tall as most and taller than others so getting her to stay off of people is a must. This happened on this evenings walk, I got up one path of the park and saw a lovely little old lady walking towards me underneath an umbrella (as it was raining), I stopped so she could walk past and so did Molly she sat down and I clicked and rewarded. She then spotted the lady and lept into the air. Usually only two things can happen when this occurs, either they give you a really dirty look and you have to beg apology, or they lap it up and tell you their doggie stories. Luckly for me she lapped it up. After about 30 mins of listening to this ladies stories (in the pouring rain) she asked if I was going to breed her? I then began to list all the reasons why I shouldn’t breed her and how I had found this forum and had some very good advice. She looked quite shocked when I told her all the things that could go wrong but at least the information I got from here was past on and used to educate another on bad breeding. ;D
Also while talking my son  >:D sneakly took the treats from my pockets and fed them all to molly, of course she loved him for it, and thats proberly why she was so quiet!!!!!! 😀 😀

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