Re: letting off the lead


when you outside and you see someone coming – before she notices- throw treats on the ground if grass or clean, if it not have a munchable size one in the hand that you can keep a grip on, click as she eats them/munches out of hand –  saying ‘4 paws’ keep it up repeating the click and munch while the other person passes then give her a bingo reward – do this with everyone – then 3 out 4 folk – then 2 out 4 etc – when someone comes to fuss her – say the ‘4 paws’ cue – reward her if 4 feet stay on the ground then allow the fuss – if she does not keep the feet on the ground – before she makes contact – firm voice ‘this way’ and turn and walk (you’ll have to accept that some folk think this might be rude – just yell over the shoulder ‘training’ ) the jumping up is getting rewarded by the contact/attention it earns her – remove that reward and give her another for staying on the ground – she’ll get the message – hope this makes sense 🙂

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