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You are right she does not have to have an affix but then a breeder can call herself a breeder and she does not have to be ;D

Any breeder worth their salt WILL have an affix a pet breeder without health checks or understanding of the chosen breed will not, an Affix is what seperates the breeders that know their craft from those that do not

Doesnt have to have an affix though does it Kiz?  I’ve known a woman who has bred KC dogs for years and she doesnt even own an affix so she just names them ‘dumb blonde’ or ‘ginger spice’ etc. sometimes she just lets the KC register them for her with their ‘Kenmill whatever-it-is-that-year’ name if she cant think of enough names.  So i wouldnt say that not having an affix was dodgy although the rest does sound dodgy!!

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