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Waggie!  😮  ……

WHHHHATTTTT its not my fault  😉

what about finding a trainer in herding ?

i dont really think there are training clubs for that sort of thing – you can find seperate trainers who will teach you and your dog
I know it is not your fault  :-* .

We got herdingclubs here alright. With competitionlevels. Was thinking about that. Little thing in my head, how would my boys do, and how would they do with sheep as they are totaly different from birds, such things  😉 . But … Either have to swap my boys for Borders  and can get to training with actual real sheep on weekly basis, or you keep your breed train them in your back yard with your own sheep. Perhaps if you look around you could find a trainer around here or 2 that are willing to work with you to train your dog how to herd sheep. The only tiny little problem would be that the trainer doesn’t even know the back from the front of the sheep  ::) .
For the real job you train them on the farm. Or you buy a pretty dog, joint the borderclub and do it there but many many many of those dogs don’t have a job during the rest of the week  :-\ .

I would have done it just for fun too.

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