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However,this does notstop learning, teaching methods need to be adjusted. So I guess my question is, have I understood you correctly or are you saying dogs and all mammals cannot be taught from puberty to late adolescence?

of course that is not what i am saying –  i train, re train and modify at all ages – and i do not dispute the operant context of your post at all in fact totally agree what i am saying is that this is a phase do to the hormone development taking in place hence my advice to take the learning back to the basic criterai level.

[/[/b]i]Buy please quote the study ref – as you probably know the bio-sceince behavioural studies on doemstic caninids are largely laughed at by phycisists as a joke, which is why I used the operant terms, they are not science except maths.

i would if i could but my comp has had a breakdown and am using a mates and have no discs with me – i typed what i could remember from my understandiing of the study of hormones on learning – at a guess i would say it is mark plonsky and/or ian dunbar

How do I use quotes on here, thanks.

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