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Jo G

I’ve just been speaking to a man from my local area who is wanting to ‘re-home’ a 4 month old Cavalier as the family aren’t coping. They had a dog 10 years ago and hadn’t realised that their lives had changed so much that they couldn’t manage a dog.  I’ve been trying to trace the dogs history and found this forum. The sire is called Harry blue and mother is Shamias Joy, and the pup was brought from an agent – a Rottie breeder in Leighton Buzzard! so what I’ve been reading here as set the alarm bells ringing. The seller has said that the dog’s had his second innoculations and we can see the vets records to check his health which is reported as being good with a good temprement. We already have two 9 year old cavaliers, a dog and a bitch, who we would want to introduce the pup to before committing to buying him. They paid £400 for him and are asking us for £300 (though I think we could negotiate). We want to give the pup a good home but would we be stupid to take him on without knowing his full hisotory? We only want him as a pet and would insure him.
Sorry for such as long query, but we want to be sure before committing. What do you think?

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