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Hey, when i put i can’t be bothered i hope i didn’t offend anyone. I just meant i didn’t really have time to type it all out as im trying to give all my attention to oscar and Juno.

I didn’t know epupz was seen in such a bad light. If its as bad as what’s been said i won’t go on there again.
As for the inbreeding/overbreeding, what might this mean for Juno??? Any common problems that may occur from this?? Besides being crazy, but there all like that 🙂

Really good advice about the “don’t exclude him or punish him etc etc…lure her off – re-enforce him”.
He seems to be realising that she’s not a threat. They’ve played really well today, so hopefully they can continue getting better with each other.

Also Bev if you want to ask any questions, you can, i’ll try to answer them best i can!!!


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