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What is posted on their website is not what you are saying.  Have a read.  🙂  I’ve copied and pasted – not made it up!  ::)

my experience and fellow trainers and behaviourists i worked with and have watched, being in the a.p.d.t is only a posiItve thing.

Of course they will say that.  It brings them in a nice steady flow of work because people like me who worked with dogs for a living, would recommend ADPT trainers because we thought that they had been trained to a set standard.  This proves otherwise.  :-\

“Membership in the APDT does not necessarily ensure all members employ similar training methods, nor does the Association set standards of skill or competence. “

Any parlour dog who’s owner had a problem, I would always tell them to find an ADPT behaviourist until I read their website!

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