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also, I thought withchywoo just referred to “natural remedies” not to a specific person  :-[

more info;

it’s definitely bothering her but as I’ve said before she’s a very stoic girl and isn’t prone to obsessive scratching or chewing

thing is she’s also fighting the coccidia right now which is either the reason that she got the pyoderma or the pyoderma is the reason she got the coccidia  :-\  whatever her immune system is definitely down

mudgie, why do you say liver? she’s been having liver for treats the last couple of weeks and liver ‘juice’ (the water that the liver was boiled in) on her food also

she doesn’t have fleas and is on Revolution once a month for fleas, ticks mites heartworm

vet said to me, it’s nice to see a dog that is allowed to be a dog  ::) — easy for her to say

I told the vet that I was concerned about giving Anti B’s because her system is down already and wouldn’t they hurt the situation? She said the thing to do was to get rid of the pyo first through a 2 week course of antibiotics, then reevaluate    –I said I’d get back to her

that’s about all I can think of and i know you’ve probably gone to bed

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