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cubert is in G.A.P. mode… ::)

am sure he grown about 6 inches since we got back…

anyway – i said i would post the good and the bad and the success and failure  >:D

and i sure made a biggy mistake  ::)

he needs to learn left and right…havnt done it as a training session as i should have –badbadbad …when we come back from walk we enter one of the front gates…from one direction it a turn left from the other it a turn right….

i have realised tonight that left or right as a cue means we go in a gate  ::) not make the turn in itself….oh dear silly me….

he came out of the garden and i said left and he ran to the left turn in gate and then couldnt understand why he was already on the other side of it…so i tested it…outside on the path off leash

left right left right…name of the gate regardless of the direction  ::) ::)

now have to repair it…oh wont that be fun….AMI>>>>do something……

meisallconfuddledmumisconfusingmeiamconfusingherthisagoodgameleftrightgategateleftgaterightgatehehe  8)  ;D

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