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Should be hearing from doctor soon, i hope. been having a bit of what im terming a flareup right now… started out last week being really tired and achy to shoulder pain and now my back is pretty excruciating- worked overtime this week because the boston rescue lady teamed up with animal services on a raid and took in 25 bostons that shes boarding at the clinic, they all pooped/peed in thier cages and danced in it( bath time- thier first and they all freaked out) and all needed exams heartworm tests fecals and vaccines and to be fed watered and walked sooo needless to say that since im the only one that doesnt have a family and i like money i volunteered to stay late even though i was a bit painful- doing all that with 25 dogs lifting and cleaning and such has taken a toll… online to try and find some solutions or will be heading to after hours in a few if it doesn’t let up. should have results monday i would think… anyone know anything i can do??? or what someone they know has done???

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