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I’m not sure how you can say this puppy is “perfectly ok” as I have read the condition can lead to problems later down the line.  Surely the best you can hope for is that this pup is “ok at the moment”.

Although strangles itself may not be an indication of poor breeding – this lady is a self-admitted pet breeder and by supporting her taking on the sick puppy it just supports the industry of people who ruin breeds.  They can do it all the quicker in HWV as the gene pool is so small  – yes, she might not breed again and you might not but what about the other puppies – can you guarentee them against use ?  not really.  Do you know who bred the bitch originally – was she endorsed and used against her breeders will or was she a pet bred bitch too ?

The fact is that when she thought she’d be saddled with it – she was going to kill it, as soon as you say you’ll hand over money she thinks its worth the effort.

I wouldnt say there is “no point insuring” – yep you might come unstuck with immune type conditions but in the years i have insured both my dogs everything i have claimed for has been accidental and would still have been covered fine.

Did the puppy have 1st vaccs ?  Will not vaccinating mean the dog leads any less of a life (e.g.  will it be left home when you go to dog club/shows as you wouldnt be allowed in?) if so then you definately need to get your club to accept titres (many dont) and get the bloods done.  Also if your dog ever catches one of the vaccd illnesses because of its condition its more likely to be much sicker much sooner.

the fact is that you could have supported reputable breeders but you chose to support someone who has none of the interests of the breed at heart and i personally think that is a shame. 


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