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went up to these people at W & B show today to give them a leaflet about the DRA show, asked where’d she’d come from they told this cock & bull story that woman had told them, I said Thats Lily, the bloke was shocked how do you know her name he says, told them all about it, they couldnt believe i knew so much about her, they even said they’d wanted to buy Alfie her litter bro from this woman, who ended up at DRA, but the woman said her daughter was having him. I’m so over the moon we found her, the new owners can now get a copy of her pedigree and register her in their name as the woman never gave them her papers.

I still dont get why someone would buy 2 pups for over £1000 give one to DRA then sell the other for £100 ??? ???

Anyway they are really nice people and now they know where their dog really came from. ;D ;D

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