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what suprises you ?

i’ve seen APDT trainers stand by and watch training discs (METAL DISCS – 3 or 4 on a keyring) thrown AT a dog in a public training class because it was being a typical untrained lab and trying its best to “hoover up” treat smells from other ppl’s dropped treats !

i have watched almost all the APDT trainers in my area (with exception of the lady on here who is in northants) and some in surrounding counties and i STILL chose to spend (in comparison) a much SMALLER sum of money on years of experience from kiz.

John Fischer *WAS* great but thats just it, he is no longer here to guide the organisation to which he put his name.  I really wish those he left behind would get his name taken off the organisation – all it serves to do is mislead people who havent even lived yet they can be dog trainers because they passed an exam, and public see it as a guarentee of quality.

I know for a FACT atleast one APDT trainer uses anti-bark collars on her own dogs because she is too lazy to train them not to bark !!


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