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When Bev was over / before Bev, Gracie did alot of alert barking that i ignored. Bev said to acknowledge it, by just stroking the back of your hand down cheek, and saying thank you its ok or something to that effect… as she is doing her job, she is raising the alarm for the pack leader to check out. she quiets quite quickly when i say from across the thank you it ok! as i guess she feels she has done her job! till the next noise  ::)

Sadie goes to the front window to bark at passing dogs or people or whatever she thinks is a problem…it isn’t really significant but I was looking for a way to stop it….then I read Gracies post last month I thought I’d give it a try.  Well, I do exactly what is suggested, I go over to her very calmly , give her a stroke on the head tell her ‘good girl, thank you’ and she stops immediately! She’ll then come trotting very proudly into the living room and lay down.  For dogs like Sadie and Gracie, this is brilliant advice and not something one would think of as it seems like reinforcement but it works a charm. Thanks to bev and gracie  :-*

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