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Thanks Bev and Val.

Went out today and bought Vit E, Selenium and Hydro Peroxide spray.  I already have Apple cider Vinegar , St. Johns Wort and Cod liver oil

How much should I give her? The Sel tablets are 250mcg, the Vit E capsules are 400iu…Sadie is now 25 kgs (the little tubby)    It’s very easy to give her pills as she eats them with her food without really noticing.

I take it Benzoyl Peroxide is different than Hydro Peroxide?  :-[

I emailed Sadies breeder and she said she’s never had any skin conditions with any of her Blues or Red and Whites , uses no flea or tick control and only vaccinates for rabies…but her dogs don’t live like Sadie does. She also feeds raw and asked about her diet.

*sigh* sometimes it all seems like there’s too much to learn  🙁

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