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Lassie – yes this one bitch is going to be neutered but its never about just one dog is it.  The people who bred this bitch sold her to a “pet breeder” – presumably they took just the same amount of placing their other puppies too.  Are they all neutered?  Will this bitch’s pups all be neutered without being used for breeding – well it depends on the skill of a “pet breeder” to place them in good homes so endorsed or not – really, who knows.  Surely you can see that it is people having these “just one litters” that ruin breeds – smaller genepools and you concentrate the likelyhood for f***-ups through lack of knowledge/experience etc.

I’m not arguing that she’s “gone into it blind” in that she’s clearly well aware of strangles and presumably aware of pet breeder quality.

Soltaire – you tell me how a scrap of a pup 4-5mths old found abandoned and straying, shoved in the pound sentanced to death in 7 days time is supporting pet breeders?  is it because they maybe abandon the pup thinking that in all probability someone might just find it and they might bother to call someone else who might just bother to come and collect it and put it in the pound and then maybe just maybe in a country which has appalling record for treatment of dogs, particularly this breed/type someone might have the time, money and space to rescue it ???

you gotta know that is a whole lotta hope really.

then there’s the pet breeder who sold a pup which found its way into a totally unsuitable home and was allowed to wander free and chalk up some serious vet bills just for them to say we cant pay and just abandon it, disabled and very bashed up. 

its a fair way of thinking to “its ok – theres always rescues to rely on” . . .

lucky for them there was.

not so lucky for the foster dog i had who died BECAUSE he ended up with a rescue making bad choices.

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