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flyball is an environment which does really hype up dogs – lots of shouting, barking and alot of other dogs / people all around.  BFA flyball (where the dogs collect ball from in a box) can cause really nasty injuries if not trained properly to legs/feet and jaws so you need to be aware of how your dog is running onto the box.  Crufts flyball (where the ball is launched) doesnt requre the dog to do this but it can encourage some dogs to jump and twist for the ball so again – its knowing your own dog and being safe in training.

i know plenty of flyball dogs and yes – there are ones which are hyper at home, they’re hyper hyper dogs – bred and fed to be up up up.  I also know lots that spend most of the time as family pets happily pottering about and only get “in the zone” at flyball training/comps. 

I have a tennis ball obsessed dog which has been begged to train and run with 3 teams now even tho I have never trained her.  One thing I would say is watch the guarding instinct as whatever obsession / guarding level your dog is at now it WILL increase if you dont manage carefully

claire x

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