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yes this one bitch is going to be neutered but its never about just one dog is it.  The people who bred this bitch sold her to a “pet breeder” – presumably they took just the same amount of placing their other puppies too.  Are they all neutered?  Will this bitch’s pups all be neutered without being used for breeding

Claire do you know the people?
Otherwise how do you know the people that bred the bitch sold her to a pet breeder, when she bought the pup the idea may not have crossed her mind but you have a nice dog and people ask is she going to have pups?
I bought Willow with no intention to breed from her but I could have if I wanted to and there is nothing the breeder can do about it.
Surely you can see that it is people having these “just one litters” that ruin breeds – smaller genepools and you concentrate the likelyhood for f***-ups through lack of knowledge/experience etc.
Of course I know that but there is no way to stop people from breeding from dogs they have bought and no matter how fussy the breeder is about who has her pups this will happen unless ALL pups are neutered before they are homed and that most people would find unacceptable

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