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you want stories/poems……..

falkor’s poem
18 months old and lost….

I was once a lonely dog, looking for a home.
No place to go, nowhere to sleep, no one to call my own.
I wandered round the streets of Leeds; in rain and wind and snow.
I ate what I ever I could beg – always on the go.

My skin was itchy my feet were sore, my body ached with pain.
No one stopped to give a fuss no one called my name.
Then men came and caught me and took me to a pound,
There I stayed and waited – hoping I’d be found.

And then I heard a voice – gentle kind and sweet,
Her arms reached out and hugged me and took me off my feet.
“No one again will hurt you was whispered in my ear
You’ll have a home of your own and suffer no more fear.
You’ll have a bed that’s warm and dry, and plenty of food to eat.
And rest assured that when you sleep your dreams will all be sweet”.

And so she tended to my wounds, bathed and brushed my fur
Telling of the rescue group and what it means to her –
Of how it’s one big circle – a line that never ends.
And in the centre there is me protected by new friends.

Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be
“Thank you for the life I live and all you’ve given me
And protect every dog that is lost upon the streets,
Please send them a rescue person to lift them off their feet!”

and he does say thanks…every single day…thank you for the food …the groom…the cuddle ..he now 10ish and was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago…given 6 months…he still fighting…look at the clumber holiday pics if you interested….money? yeah he has cost us…worth every single penny…..

hollie’s poem

I have a new home, I’m settled and fed
I’m all curled up in a nice warm bed
But I’ll tell you my worries before I forget
So much pain, so much to regret.
Loneliness, heartache, confusion and woe..
all these and more I’ve suffered and know.
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me.
But I wasn’t good enough at anything you see.
And now I am here – will they let me stay?
Will they want me or will they send me away?
I don’t mean to be grumpy, I’ll try to be good
I want them to love me if only they could!
But how can I trust them? What do I do now?
To be friendly and playful – I don’t know how.
Perhaps the will teach me, yeah – teach me new ways..
and then I can stay with them until the end of my days.

and so she did…..13 years….only vet bill ever for a bite…..13 years!!!! hope your pup lasts as long and brings you as much joy

dexter’s poem

sweet loving boy – well bred..used and abused…didnt have him long but in out hearts and his last days his best ever….

The rooms are so large, filled with strange things
And high up above it is called a ceiling.
There are doors to go through and a wall full of glass;
Throughout of which; I watch the world going past.

There’s a garden and grass, a pond and trees
To wander about in or lie down at ease
And up in the meadow there’s a river running by
Where we go to watch Clumsey’s high in the sky

And when it is dark and lights twinkle above
Mo mum tells me of the dogs she has loved.
But how they now shine down on us here below,
And that when the day comes, to there I shall go.

But for now I am here, watered and fed
With others just like me, curled up in their beds.
And I have a new leash and I must learn my name
But oh! – I am happy – so happy I came.

And if all those dogs high up the sky;
That twinkle at night as they pass us by
Had days like these with which I’m now blessed
Then lucky they were before they went to rest

samone’s poem

yep he could be a git…yep he bit more than once..yep we nuts..yep Momum loved him yep we do what we do and we do it good…

They said I was bad and not at all nice,
They said I had bitten and might do it twice,
They said I was grumpy, wouldn’t move of their bed –
And because of just that they wanted me dead.

“I am nice I am” say’s big boy Sam.
“Tho I do like a bed after I’ve fed,
And will give a kiss if I get on back
I can be happy and that is a fact!”

I’m not ‘domineering’ I just like the best,
These things have to be judged and put to the test.
So if you want me to stay – you must be good!
No trouble at all and behave as you should

Then I will wag my tail when you come home,
I’ll not wreck the house when left all alone.
I’ll come when you call – walk to heel on the lead,
The simple things of life are all that I need!

And then I will love you – but when all has been said
Just don’t try to pull me from out of your bed!

do not…just do not tell me that rescues should be got rid of…..

you are speaking out of your @£$e

as rough would say…off to put the kettle on….. >:D

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