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i wouldnt class people knowingly buying from and therefor supporting pet breeders as using their intellegence though – just imo.

Why do you always have to do this Claire? I did say pretty early on that this was NOT intended as a debate on poor breeding, someone i knew just thought the pup in question was worth saving & simply wanted advice in the viability of doing so. She did not ask to be judged, and she did not ask to be patronized about supporting poor breeding practices.

I know you never mean to offend Claire & i know you will be really upset to think you may have put your foot in it, but the fact is you often do a pretty good job of alienating people without trying. I referred my friend here because i believed that if anyone could give sound advice in a non judgemental way then it would be the people on here who have first hand experience of such situations & years of knowledge to offer.

The reason i stated that i did not want a debate on bad breeding was because We already know the pup should not have been bred & we already know what we all think about this sort of thing but the deed was already done so it was pointless getting into a debate on rights & wrongs because it was too late to do anything about it. All we were seeking to do was deal with the aftermath in a sensible and educated way so that an informed decision could be made on what to do for the puppy.

The person who was considering taking this dog on felt that putting it to sleep for a condition that potentially could be easily treated & may not warrant such drastic action was not acceptable without at least trying to give the puppy a chance to live. Personally i think she should be congratulated for being prepared to spend what could be an awful lot of money keeping this dog in good health.

I have to confess i am a little disappointed that this thread has (against my specific request) been taken down this road because this is the only forum i have ever known to show such devotion,  support & help to people who know mistakes have been made & just want to try and do something to help when other people have already given up hope.

I’m not getting into a fight with any of you & i am certainly not going to damage the fantastic friendships i have made on this site because i value you all too much for the help & support i have (and still do) recieve, but i would like to think that a friend of mine could come here to ask for friendly advice on what i know was a very distressing situation for her to get caught up in without being lectured and made to feel like a complete twat.

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