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prob about the same way i am feeling re the rescue comment actually…

posts go off on a tangent…it a fact of life…the tanget increases according to the repsonse…that also a fact of life……

we have passion about what we are and about what we do…..advice was given mark….
a reply post was made with  😉 ..we read into that what we do…

sorry if you feel compromised…really i am but…for me the tangent of a sweeping statement as a defense response had to be replied to ….


I don’t feel compromised as much as i feel embarrassed Bev. I actually thought that i had established myself & gained respect quite well here to the point that i could at least refer a friend here in need of advice without her being badgered off the site because she has a different opinion to people here, in all honesty i feel completely embarrassed that i even thought of referring her here.

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