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mark…sorry but…the poster continued the debate not you….advice was given …then came the ‘all clear’…then came the heavy debate then came the sweeping statement…that is not you view or your ethos or your reply….that was upto the poster and as i said for me…….so why feel embarrassed? ..we do what we do mark…we guide where we guide and we do our best…your respect is well assured hun…

I feel embarrassed because i genuinely directed her here with the best intentions but i feel like she has just been chased off the site. I was the one who referred her here so naturally i feel embarrassed about doing so because it was not obvious to me that it was such a sin against Dogclub to ask advice on something of that nature.

I genuinely wish i had not asked for advice on the subject because as obvious as it may be to others here, it was not obvious to me that it would be interpreted the way it was. I now feel confused about what sort of dog owners it is appropriate to refer here.

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