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mark…have i lost the plot here?…you know me well enough by now so if so please tell me…

advice was given

the post went off on a tangent as happens

a person comes on with a subtle declaration of being the owner and then makes a response

the response is defensive and in my view not acceptable re rescues

i then have a right to reply to that do i not?  not as a mod …or even as a behaviourist but as ME..bev..the human …do i not?

this was not your problem…we…as in us as in the mods, the experienced, the owners, the rescuers can surely reply…surely the OP is responsible for her own posts?

or am i losing the plot…

you can direct anyone here…the answers may not be what they want to hear..maybe they will be..but having directed then then your bit is done…is it not?

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