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mark…have i lost the plot here?…you know me well enough by now so if so please tell me…

advice was given

the post went off on a tangent as happens

a person comes on with a subtle declaration of being the owner and then makes a response

the response is defensive and in my view not acceptable re rescues

i then have a right to reply to that do i not?  not as a mod …or even as a behaviourist but as ME..bev..the human …do i not?

this was not your problem…we…as in us as in the mods, the experienced, the owners, the rescuers can surely reply…surely the OP is responsible for her own posts?

or am i losing the plot…

you can direct anyone here…the answers may not be what they want to hear..maybe they will be..but having directed then then your bit is done…is it not?

Of course Bev, but i feel it was a wrong decision to have made in hindsight. If i had been aware that the subject was something that would not be viewed very highly then it goes without saying that i may not have raised the subject here because i obviously don’t make a habit of raising subjects that as a group we are against the fuller implications of.

Advice was given yes, but the whole topic did appear to be met with a ‘cagey’ approach, which at the time i couldn’t understand. It was almost as if it were a forbidden subject because people didn’t really seem to want to discuss it at any length & it was quickly put to one side.

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