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IMO Mark you are being a sensitive soul which I can understand as she’s a friend.
I have never met you but I think I know you a little  ;D through your Cass, in your heart of hearts I think you are sensible enough to have turned your back on this pup.
I think this topic was entered with caution she was your friend but friend or not her reply was that she knew it all she never even posted that she was your friend.
There is not much to say about Stranglers really it’s genetic, it’s not common, and the outcome is not good a lot of pain and long term affects.
Don’t take it too much to heart

Advice was given yes, but the whole topic did appear to be met with a ‘cagey’ approach, which at the time i couldn’t understand. It was almost as if it were a forbidden subject because people didn’t really seem to want to discuss it at any length & it was quickly put to one side.

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