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Well the fing is Amiloo is you have to hop on the top get comfy on a bit of vet bed, shut your eyes dream of chasing bunnies and let mum comb them.
Personalllllllyyyy I don’t get hobbit feet I do get solidmuddylegs am good at those.
I got me feet stuck up in the air to dry them off cos if I do that the slave just says ‘They’ll Do’ and I duck out of the top and the comb  ;D

[quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12157.msg234223#msg234223 date=1217782132]
whycanyouhavenhobbitfeetbuticannotitnotfairyourfeetmuchworsethanmyfeetonabaddayandihavetohavemyfeettrimmedwithnastyscissorsorcombedandeverythingitnotfairyoulivewithagroomerthatcandocorrectlyandilivewithacrapgroomerthatcannotdoatallandyouhaveHOBBITfeetnotfairnotfair >:D :-\ :'( :-*

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