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Val i am indeed sensitive because i don’t understand the condition or the implications therein. I would not have taken the dog on because as cold as it may sound i wouldn’t want the baggage, but that’s not to say i would not support someone elses decision to take it on if it was something that could be treated & they were in a position to see it through.

My understanding was that the person who bred the pup was not about to make such a stupid mistake again & as such i didn’t really see how someone else who was in the position to be taking it on board would be supporting bad breeding/back yard breeding (whatever it’s called) if this was genuinely a one off for this particular breeder(?) and they were only doing it to deal with the aftermath because the person who bred it didn’t want the responsibility for whatever reason.

Maybe i’m just being very naive. If it was facilitating the same person to have another litter then maybe i would see it differently, i didn’t think that was the case in this instance. I still think in hindsight i should have perhaps not asked about it. I dunno.  :-\

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