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went well  ;D canapes were lovely  😛 smoked salmon blinis, goats cheese and parma ham thingys  😀 and something else that i can’t remember… all yummy.. have made note that bestman / bridesmaid must nab a plateful of those for us cause I suspect we’ll be too busy to eat any  😉
starter choice was ok chicken and parma ham terrine…with red onion jam was ok and then a tomato parmesan and red onion tart.. which was a bit greasy and tasteless  :-\
mains we tried roast sirloin of locally reared beef served traditionally with red wine jus and homemade horseradish……. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  ;D def what i would have- was so tender and tasty  ;D and the other option we chose was fillet of sea bass with herb butter sauce and pommes purees.. mmmmmmmmm again  ;D and then puddings… we chose..Dark chocolate cheesecake with cappucino ice cream.. was huge.. too much after all of the above.. but tasty  🙂 and the other was Chocolate and orange terrine with vanilla ice cream.. again delicious but too much  :-\
we don’t have to have any of those, there is a huge menu to choose from… so we will rethink the starters and are going to opt out of the puddings cause we are having 4 tiers of cheese for our wedding cake so there’s no need for puds….

I love food  😀

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