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By dominate i mean, he makes her go where he wants and he wont allow her up the stairs. He won’t allow her outside. If she gets up, so does he and just walks with her trying to put his weight on her. But if she needs the toilet what am i supposed to do. As for his punishment, again he just pinned her to the floor and ragged her, if i hadn’t dragged him off i dont know what would of happened. She was screaming. The problem is you put i should “lure her off” but he had her pinned, she is so timmid and scared of him but he still bullies her. She rolls on her back most of the time when he comes over. She can’t do anymore.

Im at a loss.

I really do appreciate the advice, i just don’t want him to bully her and for her to be really scared of him. Perhaps thats how it should be, i just don’t think it should be.


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