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Ok, I’ll explain what i normally do and see if this is right.
When he starts getting to rough with her and its not exactly playing anymore i normally put them in there individual beds so they can calm down! Is this right??

When he went for her his tail was up, it always is when he’s around her, that or wagging. But it was up when he went for her.

As for whether she shook, it all happened really fast. But i think he just pinned her to the floor and she was trying to get away. She cried and screamed for about 1-2 minutes afterwards.

As for his body position, it was just normal. He was just walking past her.

One admission though we were eating at the time at the table. She’d been having her food in her room and i’d given him a nibble from the table. I let her in, she sits by the table. He walks past next thing you know he’s got her. Could it be that he thought i was going to give her something???

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