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One admission though we were eating at the time at the table. She’d been having her food in her room and i’d given him a nibble from the table. I let her in, she sits by the table. He walks past next thing you know he’s got her. Could it be that he thought i was going to give her something???

now im no expert but i would say that that is were your problem is, i would emajine that he did think that you were going to feed her, so try shutting them both out (if you can) just until they have settled together

As for whether she shook

sorry i ment did oscar shake juno

She cried and screamed for about 1-2 minutes afterwards.

what did you do whilst she was doing this?

When he starts getting to rough with her and its not exactly playing anymore

how do you mean because puppy play can be rough so how are they ussualy playing when you split them

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