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Yes I would give them time out apart when you eat, then no danger of one thinking the other is going to get something.
Not sure if this is the same but when Kodi is scared of something, mainly other dogs, she will run to me, at first I made a big fuss of her saying its okay and giving her a cuddle, WRONG!
Thats obv what you want to do they are only little and young and like kids you want to reassure them, but wilth dogs you just re inforce that behaviour, obv you want to check they are okay but a quick look, cant see anything major or obv, then a  off you go but no touching, its harder for us than it is for them  😉
When playing gets rough dont physically seperate them a quick loud shout ‘enough’ or stop should get their attention, then put them both away from each other, not just Oscar, then when the are calm again, let them out but him first, dont make a big fuss about it just calmly open the gates and carry on with what you are doing.

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