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I dont want to go off thread here but what I am trying to explain and demonstrate is that with time patience and consistency you can get this to work.  But you need to do it right  😉  Bev helped me greatly with Nooch Pooch and his manners – he was about one year younger than yours. If you dont get this sorted quick smart you are going to be in way deeper than you ever thought possible.   >:D

My advice (for what it is worth)  get someone around who knows what they are talking about.   I didnt quite “get it” until I was shown how to manage my dog.   p:-)  He has no issues now – and I mean none whatsoever.  But you have to continuously be pack manager – I trusted mine 100% when I wasnt even in the house.  They were bestest buddies  ;D  BB absolutely adored Nacho – Nacho adores food, tennis balls and me – but he knew his manners and they never once hurt each other  :-*

The puppy is over the big dog – because the big dog is allowing her to be  😉  He could have snapped her head off in one bite if he had chosen to.  😉 

Your problem isnt about bullying it is about pack status.  You arent leading the pack.  They are having to sort it out themselves.  BB became the leader (she is the pupster)  Nacho was happy for her to be the leader. 

You need help Richard and I dont think the written word on this board will be enough – get Bev booked to come show you how to deal with this.

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