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ok…hang on folks…cos where we at here is not where any of you was at ok?

this is not normal new pup in house needs to learn stuff….look at the vid of amilou and cubert in the cubert post…look at amilou actually teaching pup to speak dog and to learn manners

this boy cannot do this …cannot do the nooch stuff..cannot even do the beau stuff..this is a serious resource issue and it not going to be helped by increasing resources at the table feeding stuff for example

richard…you have not got this lad sorted at all really have you…you have not got the martini cues required…as in leave it, recall, stop, sit, down etc etc etc anytime anyplace anywhere…

the pup is at serious risk and…this is what she is learning….to leave the risk until you have to physically remove him from a wee babe is not good…not good at all…she is learning re-enforced defense aggression and he is learning that what the hell cos i will only be sent to my bed and there is always tomorrow….

this is really a real serious issue…you got this pup now…and i know the intentions of GF were good but……the lado is not accepting her and the way you are dealing with it is adding to the problem

sorry you dont want to hear this i know…you dont always answer my q’s for whatever reason and thats ok..but….you are risking the life of this pup and to be honest …and i do not say this lightly you need to take some positive action that involves your boyo without him seeing this lass as a threat …if you cannot do that then i suggest you re home her…too much too soon..

sorry…. 🙁

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