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To kizkiznobite, i completely agree with what your saying and to the best of my knowledge ive always tried to answer all your questions.

But Im desperately trying to make this work and all the advice been given has been great. I won’t let this escalate and im going to be strict to the rules. I will make this work!!!

Oscars a really great dog and has improved leaps and bounds over the past week just because ive been the calm and assertive leader i should of been at the start, setting bondaries etc. To be honest i never thought a few weeks ago he’d be as well behaved as he is now.
Then the new pup comes along. So ive got loads of NEW problems. I’ll sort it out. The only problem is even though alot of people have suggested i see a professional, i really can’t afford one.
So im going to stick to the advice thats been given.

Thanks again for all your comments and advice.

Richard, Oscar and Juno

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