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dog needs teaching recall at criteria 1 not 4…

look at crazy’s posts and how he has come on in a short time with a 8 week old girlie lab puppy…

classes are to teach humans and to socialise dogs – and to give advice to a non clicker user that invlolves clicker use outside breaks all the rules…

what we click for is what we get…..had the OP gone out in the field and clicked for a decision…which is basically what you were saying…and at the point of a charged click dog had started to turn on an attack……..with me?

it s brill tool…i use it for training and for remod….but it’s application has to be fully understood by the user
sorry…not having a train …good…but…when giving advice then more info is required is what i am saying…


frankfurters…full of salt
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training treats should match the criteria at which a behaviour is being trained at…

and a click means you done good treat on way but to get there it needs charging and the pupster needs to understand the concept…not the human but the pup….

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