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you need to teach what a recall is…what the behaviour is and that starts at criteria one up to 4 tested at 5…so no off leash until you can test it expecting fluency and without hesitation

the problem is you have already taught him that he doesnt have to come back on a recall…so you not now training you re-modifying learnt behaviour…..

the back of the hand touch is what i use…off leash in house at criteria one…the leash is completely irrelevant…totally….a recall is a recall is a recall …regardless…anytime anyplace anywhere….it the fastest way back to your feet …and it should be able to be ‘stopped’ and re cued into a sit a down a left a right whatever

loads on here re i said look at crazy with new lab puppy posts…get a whistle so recall has 3 cues…visual verbal and whistle…

you wont now get it fluent 100%…pup out off the classical learning stage as posted before but you should get a repair to 95% and the other 5% will have to be managed

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and a short leash is all wrong…leash needs to be loose…held in right hand dog on left walking nice a calm no pulling….

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