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Then the new pup comes along. So ive got loads of NEW problems. I’ll sort it out. The only problem is even though alot of people have suggested i see a professional, i really can’t afford one.
So im going to stick to the advice thats been given.


Have you approached a behavourist at all?
Many of them have varying prices, have you got Oscar insured? have you checked that to see if he is covered?

Have you even pm’ed Bev to ask how much she charges?

Am not having a go, but until you look at the options and charges you are facing, how do you know you cant afford someone???

I could sit here and say do this or do that, but you need someone to come and observe you and your dogs, vids are ok to a point but they cannot show the whole picture.

Youv could type it all up till your fingers are blue, but a trained eye will pick up the small things that you might not.

I would suggest you look at the different options available to you, contact behaviourists get their prices, some even do payment plans should you need it, and then make that decision.

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