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men  ::)  😀
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Have missed you – see you should just stick around here and keep out of trouble  😉  :-*
You are probably right  ::) .
Me 4 bruised ribs, bruised shoulder and am sitting on a donut cause my hurts. Jumping of the roof onto a trampoline after a drink or 2 with the mates… not good idea  >:( . But we did have a good laugh  😀 .
3rd time wife had to drive me to emergency unit in 2 weeks. Next time she refuses to drive  ::) .

Did they do a brain scan ::) to see if one was there >:D
You girls as mean as my wife hahaha  😀 .
Lassie you made my ribbs hurt. Can’t laugh right now without pain. But to answer your question; no, no brainscan…. yet  😛 .
Haven x-rays taken of my back from neck to arse, shoulder and elbow was bad enough. Stupid elbow. Can’t bend it, black and blue and taped in. Have to type in an odd position which makes my back and shoulder hurt more. What a mess. Won’t try that trampoline stunt again  ::) .
Ah, Diesel was in much more pain twice. So this is small price to pay.  😉

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