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[quote author=jaydex link=topic=12161.msg234295#msg234295 date=1217796074]Can see her better in this one, pretty girl :-*[img width=468 height=423][/img][/quote]

Awww! Sue thats a lovely photo  :-* She slept her entire way through the show! Occasionally rolling over to get belly rubs from everyone  ;D I know ive said it before but she is SO good, can take her anyway shes never a nuisence, cant remember last time she barked at anyone except because she wants a cuddle  ;D put up with lots of hugs from the children, nice to all the dogs she saw  :-*

Love the dobie photos bet they all had the best time  ;D Honey would of had a whale of a time with all them, wouldnt of been phased at all!  ;D

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